Audio, Visual and Customized Equipment

Audio, Visual and Customized Equipment

Customized Equipment“I bought a vehicle with customized equipment. What next?”

Judy Bling called yesterday and said bought a pre-owned car. During the process of adding the vehicle to her auto insurance policy, she started talking about all of the customized equipment and upgrades that had been installed already. Then, she started telling me what she was going to have done over the next couple of weeks. She definitely has a need for Audio, Visual and Customized Equipment coverage.

“What is considered customized equipment?”

First, we needed to determine the value of Ms. Bling’s customized equipment. To do this, we would include the audio, visual and customized equipment that was not installed by the manufacturer. The vehicle has a custom stereo system and aftermarket amp and speakers, and the paint job has been customized. Also, Ms. Bling plans to install a DVD player for those in the backseat of the vehicle within the next week.

“Does my insurance cover everything?”

As with all insurance policies, there are certain things that have limited or no coverage unless they are specifically listed. On your auto insurance, coverage for aftermarket equipment will be limited, although that limit will vary by company. Fortunately, most companies automatically include a small amount of coverage for custom equipment on your auto policy. In some situations, the included coverage may be sufficient. However, in other situations, you may need to increase that limit to make sure you have adequate coverage.

Call the experts.

As always, the best thing to do when you have questions about your insurance is to contact your insurance advisor and see what they recommend. Each insurance company will have different rules, limits and options. You are unique, so your insurance coverage should be as well. RCI Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency, and this means we have access to multiple insurance companies. So, we can find the coverage you need at a price you deserve. Call us today for your personalized coverage plan!


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