What You Should Do When You Have an Auto Insurance Claim

When buying auto insurance, your insurance agent typically spends time with you explaining what you are buying. You will go over what your limits of coverage are, what the cost is, what is covered and what isn't. What doesn't usually come up during that conversation is what you should do when you have a claim. [...]

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Replacement Cost versus Actual Cash Value Insurance Coverage

"I've heard people talk about Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value insurance coverage. But, what do these terms mean? It's all Greek to me!" Insurance is confusing, no doubt. But, we are going to try to make the insurance jargon a little clearer, one term at a time. Replacement Cost versus Actual Cash Value (ACV) First, let's [...]

What Makes RCI Insurance Group Different?

In this day and age, it is as common to do business with a computer as it is with a real person. And, online purchases continue to rise according to the US Census Bureau News. We are often asked "What makes RCI Insurance Group different from other insurance agencies?" This is definitely a fair question. What is the benefit [...]

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My Insurance Company Is Cancelling My Insurance! Now What Do I Do?

Over the last few weeks, we have reviewed what discounts and other options may be available if your insurance costs go up. We have not yet reviewed what to do if your insurance company is cancelling your auto, home or business insurance. Especially in Oklahoma, we see a lot of clients every week with insurance policies being [...]

How Can I Lower My Home Insurance Rate

I Need to Lower My Home Insurance Rate! “I have never had a claim on my home insurance.” “I take good care of my home, and I am responsible. Yet, I am still paying way too much for home insurance!” “How can I lower my premium and still keep good coverage?” A couple of weeks ago, [...]

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Work Comp Audit – What Should You Know?

What is a work comp audit and why is it required? The premium you pay for your workers comp insurance policy is based on your payroll, operations and location. Initially, when you start a new workers compensation policy, you will estimate what your payroll is going to be for that year. Then, at the end of [...]

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How Can I Lower My Auto Insurance Rate

  I Need to Lower My Auto Insurance Rate! "I have not had a ticket or any claims on my auto insurance in years." "I am a safe driver, and I am responsible. Yet, I am still paying an astronomical amount of money for auto insurance!" "How can I lower my premium and still keep good [...]

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Audio, Visual and Customized Equipment

"I bought a vehicle with customized equipment. What next?" Judy Bling called yesterday and said bought a pre-owned car. During the process of adding the vehicle to her auto insurance policy, she started talking about all of the customized equipment and upgrades that had been installed already. Then, she started telling me what she was going to [...]

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What’s Going on at RCI Insurance? See our photos!

Lots going on at RCI Insurance! Keeping you informed and having some fun along the way is what the Circle of Trust is here to do. Inside you will find: What's Going on at RCI Insurance Clients of the Month - Cary Froman and Kevin Froman Laughter – the Instant Vacation What our Clients are Saying [...]

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Contractors and the Bonding Process

Contract Bonding Process I got a phone call a few weeks ago from Conn, the owner of Conn’s Construction Company. On that call, Conn said that he had an amazing opportunity to bid a job for the City of Storybrook. In order to do so, he needs a bond. Like many contractors, Conn doesn’t know a [...]

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