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Owning a hotel is a valuable investment as well as a demanding enterprise with hundreds of concerns and details to attend to. RCI Insurance Group provides complete hotel insurance program in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and other states in the region to help protect you against hazards and liability, so you can manage your business with peace of mind.

Experience and longevity make the difference.

RCI Insurance Group has been insuring limited service hotels and motels since 1982. As hospitality insurance specialists, we understand the risks you face and know how to protect you with comprehensive insurance that won’t break your budget. From the smallest details like insuring soap and linens, to hidden hazards like liability from slip-and-falls, we safeguard your hotel from any risks. We provide insurance for liability, commercial property, commercial vehicles, and even financial hurtles such as business interruptions.

You, as a hotel/hospitality owner, understand how careful you must be in this industry to protect yourself, your staff, your customers, and your business itself; however, ANYTHING can happen!

We are there when the unforeseen happens.

Suppose you have a loyal customer, who has stayed in your hotel on many occasions, slip and fall in the shower. While reaching for a towel on the towel rack inside of the shower, she falls because the towel rack comes directly out of the wall causing her to lose footing. Because of this, she suffers extensive knee and back injuries and now you are faced with large medical bills AND a lawsuit! Will your hotel be financially prepared to handle this?

Protection that goes beyond your business.

Protect yourself, your business and your family’s financial future from accidents with complete hotel insurance. Give us a call today to learn more about our regional hotel insurance policies and get a free quote for your business. In addition to our hotel insurance program, we also offer home, car, and life insurance, as well as coverage for farms and churches.

Remember, we’ll always have your best interests in mind; it’s the risk manager in us!

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