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Let’s face it: The manufacturing industry is considered to be a “risky” business. Unfortunately, our agency has found that too many manufacturers leave themselves exposed to undue and unnecessary risks. As a business owner, you have a number of other tasks and concerns taking up your time—and risk management may not be at the top of your list. Instead of “paying the price,” you need to turn to an agency that can take control of the situation and focus on reducing the risks. You need to turn to RCI Insurance Group.

You need a new way to buy insurance…we have it for you.

The traditional way of buying business insurance is flawed. Typically you will have 2 or 3 agents competing for your account, making promises and tactfully evading your probing questions. The more you ask, the less they have to say. Inevitably, it comes down to the wire and you have to make a decision before your coverage expires. The problem is you rarely have the information you need to make an informed decision. Their evasiveness can effectively imperil your business – and your livelihood!

At RCI Insurance Group, our approach is radically different. We understand total cost does not a premium make. In fact, we believe there needs to be a fundamental, thorough conversation about risk before we start talking about specific policies and coverage plans.

We do the research and checking to help you save time and money.

How does your current insurance broker reduce your costs? Is it primarily through premium negotiations? Has he or she ever discussed the indirect cost of losses? What about financial leakage?  Has he or she ever mentioned the Total Cost of Risk (TCOR)?  Has he or she ever performed a risk analysis to help you identify not only any possible Hazard Risks, but also Operational, Strategic, and Financial Risks?

It’s the extra service standards that set us apart.

In today’s insurance market, any broker can deliver a 10% premium reduction. That’s the easy part. Making sure you don’t ignore your Total Cost of Risk and maximizing your cost reduction opportunities what sets us apart at RCI Insurance Group.

If you’re serious about saving on your insurance premiums – and minimizing your costs – contact us today and let’s start talking.

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