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Audio, Visual and Customized Equipment

"I bought a vehicle with customized equipment. What next?" Judy Bling called yesterday and said bought a pre-owned car. During the process of adding the vehicle to her auto insurance policy, she started talking about all of the customized equipment and upgrades that had been installed already. Then, she started telling me what she was going to [...]

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Insurance Review – Is It On Your To Do List?

Is an insurance review on your to do list? In December, Santa makes a list and checks it twice. Then, January rolls around and the rest of us start making lists. I started a list for home improvements, meal plans, business goals, financial goals and fitness goals. The lists go on and on! As usual, some of my lists [...]

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CLICK HERE to read the Circle of Trust: Personal Lines June/July 2016 eNews. Bringing you information you can use and fun stuff to do.

Keeping you informed and having some fun along the way is what the Circle of Trust: Personal Lines eNews is here to do. Inside you will find: Boating Tips Info on the RCI Mobile App Annual Blue Star Mother's Facebook Campaign Info Car Temps During the Heat of the Day What is the best chocolate [...]

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Umbrella Coverage, Why Worry About It?

In today’s economy, everyone is pinching pennies.  So why worry about umbrella coverage?  Shouldn’t a home and auto policy leave you adequately covered? Unfortunately, we live in a world of lawsuits.  Large damages can be awarded, be extremely expensive and have long-term financial impact.  Those lawsuits can come from unlikely sources, such as our furry [...]

Providing Past the Premium: Education

Recently we began a blog series called Providing Past the Premium. We spoke briefly about Service. When looking at insurance protection the way you are serviced should play a huge part in the company/agency you choose to do business with. Are you treated respectfully, professionally? Like a priority? Are you walked through the protection outline [...]

Providing past the premium: Service

Not long ago a question was asked of our staff, "What makes RCI Insurance different from other insurance agencies?". Granted, many of our people on staff had differing responses, but one kept echoing, "The way we service our clients." Providing past the premium is a huge effort we make everyday at RCI Insurance Group and [...]

What Determines Vehicle Values and Claim Awards

I recently had a non-client, we will call her Anna, call in and inquire about what she could do about a situation concerning her daughter whose car had been hit by one our clients, we will call her Joan. Joan's insurance company had made no contact with Anna to begin working on a resolution. Anna was concerned because [...]

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Circle of Trust: Personal Lines Newsletter

Creating a Circle of Trust by providing service and protection beyond your expectations. News you can use: Do I need a umbrella insurance policy? Our 2016 Referral Rewards Program (WIN FREE STUFF!!!) Sweetheart Story Contest All inside this e-issue of the Circle of Trust: Personal Lines Newsletter Click here for more information on all the different [...]

When to file a claim

I received a call the other day from one of our insureds wanting to know what she needed to do to file a claim. She was unsure who she needed to contact to report a roof leak, the agency, a roofer or her insurance company. Knowing when to file a claim can be as important [...]