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Cyber Liability Insurance – Phishing Attack and Business Interruption Real Life Claims

Chances are if you have business insurance, then you probably own a business. If you own a business, then there is a good chance that you use a computer. And, if you use a computer, then you need cyber liability insurance coverage. There are some super smart bad guys in our world. And for some reason, these [...]

How to Protect Your Business from a Cyber Attack

Data breach, stolen identity, cyber attack, ransomware, phishing, virus, hacked. These are words that have become all too common in today's society. Almost all businesses use some form of technology, and have your information stored on that technology. Insurance companies have information about you and your family members, your autos, your home and your business. Doctors offices have information about you [...]

Replacement Cost versus Actual Cash Value Insurance Coverage

"I've heard people talk about Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value insurance coverage. But, what do these terms mean? It's all Greek to me!" Insurance is confusing, no doubt. But, we are going to try to make the insurance jargon a little clearer, one term at a time. Replacement Cost versus Actual Cash Value (ACV) First, let's [...]

My Insurance Company Is Cancelling My Insurance! Now What Do I Do?

Over the last few weeks, we have reviewed what discounts and other options may be available if your insurance costs go up. We have not yet reviewed what to do if your insurance company is cancelling your auto, home or business insurance. Especially in Oklahoma, we see a lot of clients every week with insurance policies being [...]

Umbrella Coverage, Why Worry About It?

In today’s economy, everyone is pinching pennies.  So why worry about umbrella coverage?  Shouldn’t a home and auto policy leave you adequately covered? Unfortunately, we live in a world of lawsuits.  Large damages can be awarded, be extremely expensive and have long-term financial impact.  Those lawsuits can come from unlikely sources, such as our furry [...]

Why You Need EPL Insurance – Real Life Stories

Why You Need EPL Insurance As a hotelier, you are open to claims from hundreds of directions. Unfortunately, it's a constant challenge to know what insurance is needed. Of course, if you have a mortgage, the bank requires you to carry coverage to protect your property and their interest. Sometimes, franchise requirements require you to purchase [...]

Providing Past the Premium: Education

Recently we began a blog series called Providing Past the Premium. We spoke briefly about Service. When looking at insurance protection the way you are serviced should play a huge part in the company/agency you choose to do business with. Are you treated respectfully, professionally? Like a priority? Are you walked through the protection outline [...]