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What’s Going on at RCI Insurance? See our photos!

Lots going on at RCI Insurance! Keeping you informed and having some fun along the way is what the Circle of Trust is here to do. Inside you will find: What's Going on at RCI Insurance Clients of the Month - Cary Froman and Kevin Froman Laughter – the Instant Vacation What our Clients are Saying [...]

Providing past the premium: Service

Not long ago a question was asked of our staff, "What makes RCI Insurance different from other insurance agencies?". Granted, many of our people on staff had differing responses, but one kept echoing, "The way we service our clients." Providing past the premium is a huge effort we make everyday at RCI Insurance Group and [...]

What Determines Vehicle Values and Claim Awards

I recently had a non-client, we will call her Anna, call in and inquire about what she could do about a situation concerning her daughter whose car had been hit by one our clients, we will call her Joan. Joan's insurance company had made no contact with Anna to begin working on a resolution. Anna was concerned because [...]

Is uninsured/underinsured motorists really worth the price?

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with a couple, we will call them Jane and John, who experienced the consequences of NOT having uninsured motorist coverage. A few months before I met them, Jane had been driving home from work when a driver coming from the opposite direction fell asleep at  the wheel. After [...]

Oklahoma Auto Insurance: It’s Required, It’s the Law

Did you know that if you have an Oklahoma drivers’ license, you are required to carry Oklahoma auto insurance? Many people assume if they do not own a vehicle, they do not need auto insurance, but they do as long as they have an Oklahoma drivers’ license. Oklahoma Auto Insurance: It's required, it's the law. [...]