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Catrena Charles

I’ve spent 28 successful years in the world of insurance sales, leveraging my expertise to assist clients. Although I’m a seasoned professional, my most cherished role is being a dedicated mother to three wonderful daughters. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, I met my husband there before embarking on a journey to Claremore, where we lovingly raised our daughters.

When fall arrives, it’s my favorite time of the year. I relish watching football games and creating precious memories with friends and family. I have a special fondness for the ocean, making any beachside vacation my ideal getaway. On a cozy day, you might catch me watching ‘The Notebook,’ my all-time favorite movie, while savoring delicious Mexican cuisine.

While I may not be an avid book reader, I’m a big fan of audiobooks. They keep me company during workouts, house chores, and road trips. Beyond everything else, my Bible and daily devotion hold a special place in my heart. Life’s journey is a wonderful adventure, and I’m grateful for every moment.”