Some Common Excuses Why You Do Not Buy Life Insurance

Some Common Excuses Why You Do Not Buy Life Insurance

When it comes to your life, you don’t want to think about dying suddenly; however, life is fragile and tragic situations happen all the time, leaving families with grief and financial devastation. When the subject of life insurance comes up, there are many expressed reasons why people try to justify why it is not needed, but do any of these justifications make sense? If you have family and/or loved ones who depend on you financially, or if you have someone who may be left holding your debt upon your death, you may want to familiarize yourself with some common excuses why you do not buy life insurance and start considering why you DO need it.

Does it Make Sense?

Life InsuranceYou hear stories or may know people that die suddenly or prematurely, leaving their families behind to suffer and survive financially.   However, if you are the breadwinner in the family, pay house payments, car payments, or education costs, have you ever imagined how your family would survive if something happened to you and you no longer were around to provide? Let’s look at some reasons you or others may make for not needing life insurance and then ask yourself, “does it make sense?”

Young and Single- You may think because you are young and single or don’t have children that you don’t need life insurance. However, there are some monetary factors to take into consideration. If you died suddenly, have you considered who would pay for your burial or funeral expenses? What about those unpaid debts you have? This may be one of the most inexpensive times to actually get a life insurance policy. Consult your OK independent insurance agent to get a quote.

Healthy- You may think that because you are in good shape and healthy that you don’t need to consider life insurance; however life is fragile and anything could happen so you must prepare for the tragically unexpected situations. Considering life insurance before you think you may need it could prove to be very inexpensive and worth it.

Other Available Life Insurance- While many companies offer life insurance for their employees, you need to know that if you change jobs, this life insurance does not follow you to the next job, and the policy you do have may not be adequate to cover the expenses that would continue should you die. 

Unhealthy- This reason seems to be the most common one used. Many of you may state that by having poor health, there is no way that an insurance company would even offer a policy and if they did, the policy would come with an enormous price tag. Keep in mind that everyone is insurable, regardless of age, health, or past medical history. Contacting your OK independent insurance agent is your first step in finding your available options, whether it is for short term or long term, to fit your particular needs unique to you and only you.

Expensive- The excuse that life insurance is too expensive is actually a myth. With so many available options, there are life insurance policies that are suitable for everyone. You can contact your OK independent insurance agent to review and discuss some available options that are right for you, within a budget you can afford.

Life is Fragile

Life insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many options available for you, your family, and your specific needs that can be addressed and built into a custom made life insurance policy by your OK independent insurance agent TODAY, within a budget that is affordable. You may find that buying life insurance is the right thing to do to protect your loved ones. Call us at 918-341-6081 to find a life insurance policy that is right for you for today and tomorrow.



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