Some Key Tips for Hiring Safe Drivers for Your Oklahoma Business

Some Key Tips for Hiring Safe Drivers for Your Oklahoma Business

Commercial Driving SafetyMost businesses utilize hired drivers to perform business tasks, but before you allow someone to get behind the wheel of one of your commercial vehicles, think again. If you hire someone who is unsafe and not following safety procedures, it could jeopardize your business operations, success, and reputation. Before you hire your next commercial driver make sure you recognize some key tips for hiring safe drivers for your Oklahoma business.

Imagine that one of your drivers quits, leaving you little time to hire someone as a replacement. A potential driver fills out an application with what appears to be incredible credentials and you decide to hire him without properly investigating his history. Later you receive notification that an accident has occurred involving your new hire and only now find that he has a poor driving history with multiple records of accidents, a criminal history, and now is found responsible for an exorbitant amount of damages caused by his careless driving.

Your Driver Can Make or Break Your Business 

If you hire a fleet driver that is professional, has a clean driving history, and no criminal record, chances are it will reflect positively on you and your business by minimizing the chance of accidents occurring and thus being rewarded with lower premiums. Also, anyone operating your commercial vehicle with your logo or name is a direct reflection of your business so the safer he/she is, the more business you may get down the road.

Failing to hire safe drivers means lost revenue for your business and higher insurance premiums because the likelihood of accidents increases. Which type of driver will you choose to hire?

Ways to Ensure Your Next Fleet Driver is a Safe Hire 

For each applicant you get, make sure you do the following to ensure the driver you hire will be a safe hire:

  • Check with past employers about performance and verify safety records
  • Verify driving certifications and license(s)
  • Implement and discuss all driving qualifications and safety procedures
  • Obtain and review the Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) for any accidents, tickets, and traffic violations
  • Perform written tests on driving safety and require a driving test
  • Perform a background check, which will indicate any criminal record and past work history

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