Some Things You May Not Know About Oklahoma Car Insurance

Some Things You May Not Know About Oklahoma Car Insurance

Car InsuranceCar insurance is something you know you must have in order to operate a vehicle, but there are some things you may not know about Oklahoma car insurance, but should in order to purchase the right type of auto insurance for your particular needs. Many questions may arise regarding car insurance to which you may not have an answer; however, your local Oklahoma independent insurance agent is there to assist you with any questions that may come up regarding auto accidents, coverage, claims, or your auto policy.

Below Are Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Car Insurance:  

Many times situations come up, mostly after a loss has occurred, and suddenly you may be confused about what exactly your Oklahoma auto insurance covers. 

1.  Is everyone in my family covered under my Oklahoma auto policy?

The answer is quite simple. Those family members residing your household that are listed on the insurance policy are indeed covered. If they are listed on the policy, then it is assumed they have permission to operate that vehicle. Non-permissive use is entirely different regarding coverage and anyone operating your vehicle without permission (implied or expressed) is denied coverage, but keep in mind that this particular situation can get sticky. If a situation arises regarding permissive use, it is recommended you discuss with your local OK independent insurance agent.

2.  Specifically what and for whom does my OK auto insurance provide coverage for?

Each auto insurance policy may vary regarding the types of coverage and the amount of coverage. Mandatory coverage under a typical OK auto insurance policy is considered Liability Coverage (bodily injury and property damage) that provides coverage to a third party that receives injury and/or sustains property damage as a result of your negligence. “Your” meaning anyone listed on the insurance policy as a driver or anyone who has permission to use your vehicle in accordance to the policy provisions.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage may or may not be mandatory on your auto insurance policy. If you own your vehicle and no loan/lien is attached, it is up to you if you want this coverage. Collision coverage is there to protect your vehicle against damages (subject to a deductible) from covered losses. Comprehensive coverage is also designed to protect your vehicle from losses (subject to a deductible) such as vandalism, cracked windshield, theft, fire, or hitting an animal, such as a deer.

If you have a loan on your vehicle, it is mandated you have this type of coverage on your OK auto policy.

Medical Payments Coverage follows your car on your insurance policy and is there to protect yourself and any passengers in your car, who are injured as a result of an auto accident, regardless of fault or negligence. You can choose your limits of liability, but typically they are relatively low.

3. Does the insurance adjuster allow the police report to determine who is negligent?  

The insurance adjuster will investigate the accident completely, which means the police report will be used as only one tool to determine what happened, but all parties involved are generally spoken with to get the accident details. Typically, though, the police report is taken seriously.

Let Your OK Independent Insurance Agent Meet Your Auto Insurance Needs

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