Most Typical Losses That Homeowners Experience

Most Typical Losses That Homeowners Experience

Most Common Homeowners Insurance ClaimsWhen you decide to purchase a home, your attention typically falls on the warm, “feel good” type of feelings accompanied by it, but what about when your home suffers damage from water or is destroyed by fire? Protecting your home for the unexpected losses that can happen is just as important as choosing the right home. Are you aware of the most typical losses that homeowners experience? Knowing what they are can guide you in the right direction to securing the right type of homeowners insurance protection your home deserves.

Below Are Some of the Most Common Homeowners Claims, but Not Limited to:  

Fire- Fire is on the top of the list for causing damages or destroying homes. In an instant, your home can be consumed in a fiery siege leaving your home and personal property in shambles and your family without a place to live. When putting a homeowners insurance policy in place, it is imperative that you discuss your home, personal belongings, and any other valuable information with your Oklahoma independent insurance agent to ensure everything is adequately protected.

Water- Ranked as number 1 for the most prevalent homeowners insurance claims, water can wreck your home in a matter of minutes! Whether a water pipe bursts, sewer backs up, or a toilet overflows, your home can suffer significant damages and without the right type of insurance coverage, you may be faced with a denied coverage claim! Your Oklahoma independent insurance agent can provide information regarding policy conditions and exclusions and advise on any available endorsements that you may need. Be aware that flood damages (and earthquake damages) are always excluded under your Oklahoma homeowners insurance policy and require a separate insurance policy.

Weight of Ice and Snow- Winter can be detrimental to your roof due to the weight of ice and snow, leaving your home/roof exposed to damages. Your OK independent insurance agent can advise you on precautionary ways to protect your home and roof and what steps you can take should you experience a collapsed roof.

Wind- Strong, high winds from a storm, hurricane or tornado can stir up quickly, causing damages to homes in a short amount of time. Your OK independent insurance agent can provide safety guidelines on how to handle weather related situations so you will be better equipped to protect your home.

Hail- Hail can come down in small pellets or golf ball size targets, leaving behind damages to roofs, landscaping, or siding on your home and property. If your home does experience hail damage, it is advised to notify your independent insurance agent right away. 

Dog Bites- If you own a dog, you run the risk of he/she biting someone while on your property, which can leave you exposed to a serious financial threat. Always discuss dog ownership with your OK independent insurance agent to see whether you should increase your coverage protection.

Take Action

If your home does experience any type of homeowners insurance loss, you should always contact your independent insurance agent to advise of the type of loss, secure photos to document the damages, and mitigate any further damages to your home. Unfortunate situations happen daily, but being prepared is one of the best ways to handle those types of situations. If you have any questions regarding your OK homeowners insurance policy, conditions, or coverage options, please contact us at 918-341-6081 so we can assist you.


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